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Inca Religion And Sun God

The Inca religion was present in every moment of their lives, they were strongly linked from work tasks, festivities, ceremonies and every aspect of their lives.

The Inca religion believed in the “vital force” and that it was possessed by all the elements on earth, from the hills, the rivers, the earth and even the sun, which was the most imposing and therefore the most sacred of all.

What was the Inca Religion

Was Polytheistic

Polytheism has a religious and at the same time philosophical conception, which consists of the belief in the existence of “various gods”, this was a constant of ancient cultures that sought divine explanation in the representations of the forces of nature.

Was Pantheistic

Pantheism consists of the philosophical ideological conception of the world, where all nature and the universe is conceived as one true God. The word comes from the words “pan” which means everything and “theos” which means God in Greek.

Inca Religion and the sun god

It consists of the religious conception that revolves around a main belief represented by the sun.

Was Cyclical

Which consists of a repetitive process where every so often the intervention of the Gods is required to generate order among the peoples.

Gods Mythological

Because it is based on a set of myths that are related to each other and build the history of the Incas.

Inca Religion Belief

The Incas believed in reincarnation, where the soul of the dead was transferred to another body at birth.

Belief in Ubiquity

Which is that the Gods can be present in all places at the same time through their different manifestations of nature.

Origin of the Inca Religion

The Inca religion originates with the departure of the Titicaca river of the God Viracocha or also called Pachacamac, being offended by rebellious settlers who lived around the lake were turned into stone. From this, these stones were considered as “huacas” stone idols as a sanctuary that were worshiped by the Incas.